SABA Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Grants

Past Winners: Master's Thesis Grant

Jenny Ozga, West Virginia University (Basic Research, 2016)


Stephanie Smothermon, University of Houston-Clear Lake (Applied Research, 2016)


Megan Arnold, Auburn University (Basic Research, 2015)


Benjamin Libman, University of North Texas (Basic/Translational Research, 2015)


Skyler Rueb, University of North Texas (Applied Research, 2015)


Apral Foreman, West Virginia University (Applied Research, 2014)


Marissa Turturici, West Virginia University (Basic Research, 2014)


Joseph Cihon, University of North Texas (2013)


Renee Renda, Utah State University (2013)


Nathaniel Hall, University of Florida (2012)


Kate A. Koehler-Platten, St. Cloud State University (2012)


Meredith Berry, Utah State University (2011)


Tracy Lepper, Texas Christian University (2011)


April Becker, University of North Texas (2010)


Adam Fox, Western Michigan University (2010)


Charlotte Carp, Texas Christian University (2009)


Bess Puvathingal, Temple University (2009)



Past Winners: Doctoral Dissertation Grant

Casey Frye, Utah State University (Basic Research, 2016)


Rusty Nall, Utah State University (Basic Research, 2016)


Shea Lemley, University of Kansas (Basic Research, 2015)


Valdeep Saini, University of Nebraska Medical Center's Munroe-Meyer Institute (Applied/Translational Research, 2015)


Ruth-Anne Poli, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Applied Research, 2014)


Brendan Tunstall, American University (Basic Research, 2014)


Amanda Mahoney, Western Michigan University (2012)


Celine Paeye, University of Lille Nord de France (2012)


Adrienne Juarascio, Drexel University (2011)


Soyeon Kang, University of Texas at Austin (2011)


Paul Guinther, University of New Mexico (2010)


Steven Meredith, University of Florida (2010)


Diann Gaalema, Georgia Institute of Technology, Zoo Atlanta (2009)


Nigel Vahey, Dept. of Psychology, Maynooth Co. Kildare (2009)