Sidney W. & Janet R. Bijou Grant

The Sidney W. and Janet R. Bijou Grant provides funding for doctoral students in departments of psychology, education, or related areas that can support research in behavioral development. For each academic year, the endowment may provide up to two $10,000 grants.


In December 1996, Dr. Sidney W. and Janet R. Bijou funded a substantial endowment to SABA to establish this grant program, and in 2003 Dr. Bijou made a second donation. Dr. Bijou passed away on June 11, 2009, at the age of 100.


This grant will be provided to support doctoral student research designed to incorporate behavioral principles to advance our understanding of human development. Developmental concepts could include chronological and developmental age, neurobiological and genetic factors associated with development, or the impact of developmental trajectories on adult behavior. While intervention research could be appropriate, the primary research questions (independent variables) must be related to developmental and behavior analytic principles. Examples are changes in reinforcer preference with age, effectiveness of verbal behavior interventions in children of differing developmental ages, the development of second languages or bilingualism, equivalence relations, delay discounting, neurobiological correlates or interventions, the role of epigenetic influences, or environment-gene-behavior interactions. While the goal must be to understand child development, the experimental model may involve laboratory animals. The primary purpose may not be to overcome deficits or challenges associated with a behavioral disorder or developmental disability (e.g., ADHD, autism), independent of a fundamental developmental principle.


Click here or visit Dr. Bijou's website for information about Sidney and Janet Bijou.


Grant Application Details

The deadline for 2021 grants has passed. Please check back in fall of 2021 for information on 2022 grants.


Previous Recipients

The SABA Sidney W. and Janet R. Bijou Grant was first awarded in 1998. From 1998 to 2003, a single award was given annually. From 2003 to 2012, two grants were given annually. For 2014 a single grant of double the amount of previous grants was awarded. The list of previous grant recipients is available here, and provides links to information about each winner's research project. Note that awardees prior to 2018 were funded under different program descriptions.