2006: Javier Virués-Ortega

Instituto de Salud Carlos III and ABA España

The 2006 SABA International Development Grant was awarded to Javier Virués-Ortega to start the first BACB-approved program in Spain. Specifically, the grant was used to purchase teaching materials necessary to implement the program fully and training materials necessary for the BACB examination (e.g., bibliography, learning aids). This project established very clear indicators of impact and success: number of students in the program completing coursework and experience requirements, number of students who take the BACB examination, and number of students who earn and maintain certification. The result has been improved training opportunities in behavior analysis for Spanish and Hispano-American students, an increase in the number of BACB certificants and professionals providing behaviorally based services in Spain, and wider recognition of BACB certification in Spain.


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