2004: Beth Sulzer-Azaroff

The challenges of attempting to teach successfully in an inner-city school led Dr. Beth Sulzer-Azaroff to the study of behavior analysis. As a doctoral student in school psychology at the University of Minnesota, she began her investigations of programmed instruction, autism education, and errorless learning. Later, while a faculty member at Southern Illinois University, she and her students and colleagues investigated and wrote about behavior analytic methods of motivating, instructing, and managing student and teacher performance. At the University of Massachusetts, she helped coordinate a doctoral-level psychology program in developmental disabilities, while continuing her collaborative scholarship and research in behavior analytic applications in schools, families, and service and business organizations. Dr. Sulzer-Azaroff is professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts and holds adjunct appointments at Florida International and Florida Gulf Coast Universities. She is also collaborating on the development and field evaluations of a federally sponsored distance-learning curriculum designed to teach parents and teachers of children with autism interventions involving behavioral methods.


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