Effective Presentation of Behavior Analysis in the Mass Media

This award is presented to an individual who writes or produces printed, audio, or video information that informs the public about a scientific discovery or important application in behavior analysis, and in doing so, presents an accurate analysis of the principles involved and the effects achieved.


The following conditions apply: (1) A single production could merit this award, or the award can be presented to an individual who demonstrates a consistently accurate portrayal of behavior analysis through multiple presentations. (2) The information imparted must be for general public consumption and, therefore, cannot be published in a professional journal or newsletter or any other media intended primarily for consumption by professionals in the field.


Award Recommendation Details   

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APOPO (2023)


Martha Hübner (2022)


Carl Hart (2021)


Matthew W. Johnson (2020)


David H. Freedman (2016)


Susan M. Schneider (2015)


Aubrey C. Daniels (2013)


Alan E. Kazdin (2010)


Amos Rolider (2009)


Amy Sutherland (2008)


James M. Kauffman (2006)


Ivar Lovaas (2004)


Richard Foxx (2003)


Jon Palfreman (2002)


Roger McIntire (2001)


James Partington (2000)


Scott Geller (1998)


Karen Pryor (1997)


Catherine Maurice (1996)


Gary Wilkes (1995)


Paul Chance (1994)