International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis

The nominee for this award must be a person who, or organization that, has demonstrated a significant and sustained contribution to the international dissemination/development of behavior analysis outside of the United States.


Award Recommendation Details 

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Zuilma Gabriela Sigurðardóttir (2023)


Vincent Carbone (2022)


Carmen Luciano (2021)


Jennifer L. Austin; Julian Leslie (2020)


Fabio Tosolin (2019)


Martha Costa Hübner (2018)


New England Center for Children (2017)


Kennon Andy Lattal (2016)


Michael Keenan (2015)


Barry S. Parsonson and JaneMary Castelfranc-Allen (2014) 


SEEK Education, Inc. (2013)


Andy Bondy (2012)


Erik Arntzen (2011)


Steven Hayes (2010)


Joao Todorov (2009)


Linda Hayes (2008)


Eitan Eldar (2007)


Joseph Morrow (2006)


R. Douglas Greer (2005)


Michael Davison (2004)


Maria Malott (2003)


Paolo Moderato (2002)


Carolina Bori (2001)


Liliana Mayo (2000)


Comunidad los Horcones (1999)


Emilio Ribes-Inesta (1998)


Masaya Sato (1997)


Murray Sidman (1996)