2001: Murray Sidman

Dr. Sidman was born in 1923 in Boston, spent a happy boyhood there, and graduated from high school in 1940. He then went on to Columbia University, and after an interruption for military service in World War II, eventually graduated with a Ph.D. in 1952. His principal advisors were Fred S. Keller and W. N. Schoenfeld. After that, he spent nine years in the exciting and productive interdisciplinary environment of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, where Joseph V. Brady had established a Psychology Department in the Psychiatry Division headed by David McRioch. From there, he went to the Massachusetts General Hospital for another nine years, setting up a laboratory which eventually moved to the E. K. Shriver Center and Northeastern University. When he retired from Academe, he moved to the New England Center for Children, where he still carries on research and at the same time, indulges his conviction that the results of basic research must be extended out of the laboratory. 


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