2009: Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Research Unit, University of Auckland, New Zealand

The decades-old Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Research Unit at the University of Auckland has always been a cooperative lab, with all academic staff and graduate students taking a weekly bird-running day to ensure that no data are private and that everyone has equal responsibility. From the program’s very earliest days, we have been interested in choice and behavior allocation; how these are affected by aspects of reinforcers, stimuli, and procedure; and how these processes can be understood quantitatively. If success is to be measured by formal outputs, then the program has “outputted” nearly 40 Ph.D.s, even more master's and honors dissertations, and nearly 150 well-cited publications. Faculty and students have also enjoyed the playfulness of doing research, and the realization that each year there are more and more questions that need to be answered. The SABA award is for everyone who has contributed to the lab and its research over the past decades. 


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