2023: Oslo Metropolitan University

The master’s program in Behavioral Science – formerly known as Learning in Complex Systems – admitted its first students in the Fall of 2004 and was accredited by ABAI in 2010. In the Fall of 2022, 135 students were admitted to the full- and part-time programs. The student base is cross-disciplinary. Along with a solid grounding in theory and research methods in behavior analysis, students pick elective courses from applied behavior analysis and write a thesis in the form of a scientific article. The department of Behavioral Science also runs an ABAI-accredited bachelor’s program in psychology with an emphasis on behavior analysis, and a Ph. D. program in behavior analysis. The scientific community is strong and well-respected, and faculty have large international networks. The department welcomes visiting scholars and students with good specific master’s thesis projects. The program has strived to integrate behavior analysis with complexity science, network analysis, and economics, offering elective courses in OBM, risk management, behavioral economics and complex human behavior, as well as Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions and professional ethics.


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