2007: The May Institute

The May Institute was founded in 1955 in Massachusetts by Dr. Jacques M. and Marie-Anne May. Their vision was to help children with disabilities, including their twin boys with autism, lead the fullest lives possible. Today, the May Institute (annual budget, $100 million) is one of the largest organizations of its kind, and each year it serves more than 26,000 children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, brain injuries, mental illnesses, and other behavioral healthcare needs. In addition, the May Institute is unique in the extent to which it has systematically utilized the principles and methods of behavior analysis in its management practices. Perhaps the institute’s most enduring contribution to the field has been its instrumental role in bringing behavior analysis into the public domain on an unprecedented scale, helping to bridge the gap that might otherwise exist between a research-based methodology and the mainstream application of that methodology. After nearly six decades of unsurpassed expertise and exceptional care, the May Institute continues to profoundly impact the lives of those it serves. 


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