2005: The New England Center for Children

The New England Center for Children (www.necc.org), founded in 1975, is a private, nonprofit organization providing educational, residential, and treatment programs for more than 250 children with autism and related disabilities. Our mission has three components:


To maximize the independence of every student as measured by rates of skill acquisition, performance on assessments, reduction of aberrant behaviors, and transitions to less restrictive environments.


To share our work through research, professional development, consultation, and dissemination of curriculum. We have published more than 150 research articles, operate six partner classrooms in area public schools, and consult with more than 30 others. Over the last 10 years, 550 of our employees have earned master’s degrees through one of three on-site graduate programs.


To secure the financial future of the organization through prudent fiscal management, professional fundraising, tax-exempt financing, and development of diverse income streams. 


Our repertoire, which emphasizes skill acquisition, errorless teaching techniques, and function-based treatment, was shaped by collaboration with senior behavior analysts including Paul Touchette, Murray Sidman, Gina Green, Richard Foxx, Brian Iwata, and Bill Dube.


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