2017: University of North Carolina Wilmington Department of Psychology

Behavior analysis has been a significant focus of the Psychology Department at the University of North Carolina Wilmington since 1976. The department’s contributions to the field can be measured in research, teaching, and service. The faculty have published hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and book chapters spanning the experimental analysis of behavior, applied behavior analysis, and translational research. Faculty and students closely collaborate on research, whose topics include basic learning principles, choice, teaching, behavioral pharmacology, behavioral economics, stimulus control, memory span, contingency management, functional analysis, preference assessment, health behavior, animal behavior, and pediatric feeding. In addition to training countless undergraduate students in behavior analysis, the program has graduated 96 master’s students, who have completed theses with a behavior analytic focus, and began training Ph.D. students in behavior analysis in 2017. Faculty have served in leadership roles in ABAI and Division 25 of APA, and various other national, state, and regional organizations. They have served as editors or editorial board members for key journals such as The Behavior Analyst, JEAB, and JABA. 



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