2005: R. Douglas Greer

Dr. R. Douglas Greer (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1969; MA and BME, Florida State University; CABAS® Board Certification as Senior Behavior Analyst and Senior Research Scientist) is professor of education and psychology at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Teachers College of Columbia University, where he heads the MA and Ph.D. programs in behavior analysis and the education of students with/without disabilities. He has served on the editorial boards of 10 journals, published more than 100 articles, and is the author of seven books on behavior analysis. Dr. Greer has sponsored 110 doctoral dissertations (80% have been published in refereed journals), taught more than 2,000 teachers and professors, originated the CABAS® model of schooling, and founded the Fred S. Keller School. He has done experimental research in schools with students, teachers, parents, and supervisors as well as pediatric patients in medical settings. He is a recipient of the Fred S. Keller Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education from the American Psychological Association and has served as guest professor at universities across the world.


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