2007: Eitan Eldar

Dr. Eitan Eldar is the founder and director of the Applied Behavior Analysis Center (Teaching, Community Services & Research) at the Zinman College in Israel. He has written numerous papers and books, authored the first applied behavior analysis (ABA) textbook in Hebrew, and served as the first chair of the Israeli Association for Behavior Analysis. Dr. Eldar designed a model for individual full inclusion in general education settings for autistic students that has been adopted by the Ministry of Education countrywide. He has organized workshops and conferences on various topics related to enhancement of services for parents, para-professionals, and other educators. Over the past several decades, Dr. Eldar has been the leading supervisor of countless intervention programs aimed at helping children with behavior difficulties or learning disabilities to cope successfully in regular educational settings. His innovative model, which integrates physical activity and games as a context for behavioral rehabilitation, has been warmly adopted by schools across Israel.


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