2003: Maria E. Malott

Dr. Maria E. Malott is CEO of ABAI, which she has led since 1993. Under her leadership, ABAI has risen from near-bankruptcy to become a growing scientific and professional organization. Throughout her career, Dr. Malott has combined the analysis of metacontigencies and behavioral contingencies in managing complex systems and has taught dozens of corporate executives to appreciate the power of organizational behavior management. Dr. Malott has presented nearly 200 papers, taught 34 workshops, and lectured in 37 universities in 18 countries, and is affiliated faculty at three universities. She has served on four editorial boards and is the author of the book Paradox of Organizational Change, published in Spanish and English, and co-author of Elementary Principles of Behavior (second edition). She is a Fellow of ABAI and was the recipient of the 2012 SABA Award for Distinguished Service to Behavior Analysis, the 2004 Award for Outstanding Contributions to Organizational Behavior Management from the Organizational Behavior Management Network, and the 2002 Outstanding Alumni Award from the Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University.


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