2004: Michael Davison

Dr. Michael Davison obtained a B.Sc. from Bristol University (where he discovered behavior analysis), a Ph.D. from Otago University, and a D.Sc. from Auckland University. His first job was as lecturer at Otago University, then at University College London, then at Auckland University, where he has remained and now has a personal chair in psychology. Dr. Davison is a Fellow of ABAI, the New Zealand Psychological Society, and the Royal Society of New Zealand, which awarded him a Silver Medal for research. He has served on the editorial board and as associate editor of JEAB as well as on the SEAB board. He was the first international representative on the ABAI Executive Council. He has published about 90 papers in JEAB and authored (with Dianne McCarthy) the much-cited but little-purchased book The Matching Law: A Research Review. His research interests lie in the quantification of behavior and choice, and he is also concerned with the neuroscience of choice, taking a 10% appointment to the NZ National Research Centre for Growth and Development. 


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