2017: New England Center for Children

Over the past 40 years, the New England Center for Children (NECC) has identified several components essential for the development of sustainable models of service delivery worldwide; these include its Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia, an application that provides an interactive interface containing assessment tools, lesson plans, teaching materials, and student performance reports for more than 1,900 skills. 


In 2007, NECC opened a school for children with autism in Abu Dhabi; there are nearly 200 students enrolled. In addition, NECC has provided educational programs for individual students around the world, including in Bermuda, the UK, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, and India.


Despite the growing acceptance and demand for behavior analytic services, there are considerable challenges to developing sustainable models of service delivery internationally, including language barriers, differences in cultural practices, and funding considerations. Government funding and support are critical for success, as are training programs that provide local staff access to graduate-level instruction in behavior analysis. NECC is a leader in effective international development and dissemination.


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