2012: Pauline Horne & Charles Fergus Lowe

Pauline Horne's research in the areas of children's learning and the psychology of food choice is published in leading international journals and books. With her colleague Professor Charles Fergus Lowe she developed an intervention—known as The Food Dudes—that brings about large-scale and long-lasting increases in children's consumption of fruit and vegetables. Its success in combating obesity has been recognized by awards from the World Health Organization and the Caroline Walker Trust. The program is currently being introduced in all primary schools in Ireland and select regions of England. It is also being piloted in a number of other countries.


Dr. Charles Fergus Lowe was professor of psychology at Bangor University, Wales. His early research was concerned with temporal control of responding on schedules of reinforcement, and later focused on inter-species similarities and differences and, in particular, the transformative role of verbal behavior. This led in turn to research on the development of operant behavior in children and studies of adult human behavior in clinical and non-clinical populations. With Dr. Pauline Horne, he produced a new theoretical account of early language development, specifically "naming," and its role in bringing about apparently emergent relations. Professor Lowe led the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group in the UK for many years. As one passionate about the advancement of behavior analysis in Europe, he helped to initiate the first Europe-wide meetings of behavior analysts and was the first chair of the European Association for Behaviour Analysis.   


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