2018: Liliana Mayo

Dr. Liliana Mayo received her doctoral training in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Kansas (KU). She is the founder and executive director of Centro Ann Sullivan del Peru (CASP) in Lima, which serves more than 400 students with different abilities (especially those with the most severe limitations) and their families. Dr. Mayo is a professor of special education at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and the Universidad Catolica and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at KU. She is also a member of Peru's National Council of Education. She represents CASP in its formal cooperative agreement with KU's Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies.


Dr. Mayo has received numerous awards and recognitions for her contributions to the development of successful practices that promote progress and full inclusion of people with different abilities through the high participation of parents in CASP's School of Families, and the implementation of effective educational programs following a functional natural curriculum. Among these honors are the 1999 Queen Sofia of Spain Award for Rehabilitation and Integration, SABA's 2000 International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis Award, and the Peruvian government's 2007 El Sol del Peru award at the Commander Grade. She was also honored by the government of Panama in 2012 with the Maria Ossa de Amador Grand Medal and by the government of the Dominican Republic in 2014 with the Christopher Columbus Heraldic Order.



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