2008: Murray Sidman

Dr. Murray Sidman earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1952. His principal advisors, Fred S. Keller and W. N. Schoenfeld, had strong assistance from Ralph Hefferline, Clarence Graham, and a small group of fellow graduate students. After that, he spent nine years in the exciting and productive interdisciplinary environment of the Neuropsychiatry Division at Walter Reed. He then joined the Neurology Service at Massachusetts General Hospital for another nine years. His human and nonhuman behavioral research laboratories moved eventually to the E. K. Shriver Center and Northeastern University, where he remained as professor of psychology until he retired from academia, after which he continued his research at the New England Center for Children (NECC). He retired from NECC in 2001 and continues researching and writing. One outcome of his lifetime of research is his conviction that extending experimental results out of the laboratory not only adds an intrinsically valuable dimension to basic research, but is essential to its survival. “The Impact of Science on Application: A One-Way Street?” was the title of his talk. 


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