2002: Richard Malott

In 1966, Dr. Richard Malott helped start the behavior analysis program at Western Michigan University (WMU), where he continues to teach. At WMU, he also helped start an introductory psychology course that taught behavior analysis to 1,000 students per semester. Dr. Malott has been involved in teaching African-American and international students behavior analysis and behavior systems analysis at the graduate level. He and his students have launched several educational systems, including the Behavioral Research Supervisory System and the Behavioral Academic and Career Counseling Service. Dr. Malott was instrumental in ABAI’s founding and has remained a prominent leader in the association. He wrote the newsletter and column Notes From a Radical Behaviorist and coauthored Principles of Behavior (the book previously known as Elementary Principles of Behavior.) He is now (and has been for many years) working on I’ll Stop Procrastinating When I Get Around to It and Applied Behavioral Cognitive Analysis. He has presented in 13 countries and has received two Fulbright Senior Scholar Awards. 


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